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Physical Education Uniform

Physical Education is compulsory for all the students. No pupil will be exempted from physical exercise or games unless specially permitted by the Headmaster on medical grounds supported by the Assistant Civil Surgeon. The prescribed uniform is compulsory for all the students in physical education classes.

School Uniform

  • Navy blue shorts and white shirt up to V Class.
  • Navy blue trousers and white shirt for VI to X Classes.
  • Black shoes with navy blue socks
  • Navy blue midi and white shirt. Black shoes with navy blue socks.

Scout Uniform

Shirt :
A grey color shirt with two patch pockets and shoulder straps.
Shorts :
A dark blue shorts.
Shoes :
Black shoes with black socks.

Guide Uniform

Dress :
White salwar kamese with two pockets and shoulder straps and blue chunni.
Shoes :
Black shoes with white socks.