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Age Limit

A child seeking admission to class I should have completed 6 years of age and should not have completed 8 years on the date of re-opening of the school. The age for admission to the other classes should be reckoned accordingly.

Proof of Age

As a proof of age a Date of Birth certificate issued by a local body should be produced. However, the date of birth recorded in the transfer certificate by the State Education Department/Central Board is also acceptable. The date of birth once got recorded by the parent at the time of admission will not be allowed to be changed.

Admission to Pre-Primary

Registration of candidates is made at a specific time in March. The dates are to be ascertained from the Principal.

Admission to Class I And Above

Fresh admissions for other class I and above may be made subject to availability of seats in the month of April. Pupils seeking admission are required to register their names in the month of March. Date of Birth Certificate is a must for all classes.

While seeking fresh admission for class II and above parents should produce the Transfer Certificate from the school where the child studied last. It should be duly countersigned by the competent authority.


Request for the withdrawal of pupil must be made in writing by his/her parent or legal guardian accompanied by a remittance of Rs. 10/- towards the fee for issue of the transfer certificate.

Tuition fee for the month is payable, if the pupil has attended the school for any day during the month.