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             To facilitate a healthy competition and co-operation among the students, the entire school is divided into 4 houses. Each house has a housemaster, a housemistress, a captain and a vice-captain.

             The school has provided many facilities for Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Badminton, Kho-kho etc.,

              The following competitions are conducted in games and sports.

Volleyball Long Jump Throw ball Ball throw Hockey Triple Jump
Basketball High Jump Football Thread & needle Kho Kho Gymnastics
Tennikoit Sack race Shuttle Badminton Lemon and Spoon race Shot-put Three-legged race
50 m Hopping 200m Running 50 m Running 400m Running 100 m Running 800m Running
Discus throw Potato gathering Javelin throw Broad Jump

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